Thanks You for Supporting Dustin in Bellator 147 Pro MMA Debut

Thank you everyone who came together to support Dustin Moore in his Bellator 147 Pro MMA Debut. Obviously, not the result we wanted.  The ref made what can only be described as a controversial early stoppage in the 1st round, but I am so very proud of Dustin for standing up and seizing the wonderful opportunity that Bellator offered him.

It takes some serious grit, determination and courage to step onto such a big stage on such short notice. The struggle to get all his medicals completed in a few weeks for his pro licensing was a much harder battle than the one he had in the cage, but he conquered that one and is NOW a fully licensed professional fighter, living the dream. I am honored to be his coach.

I’d also like tIMG_0151o thank my fellow cornermen Palo Tung and Jerome Auttrey, for being professional, courteous, and level-headed throughout the process, as well as the entire FreeFall MMA team that came together to support him via buying tickets to the fight, purchasing a Team Moore shirt, or making donations to help defray the cost of his medicals. Dustin’s mom, Sandra, Michelle Bayuga, and Caren Elise Camblin also have our love and thanks for all the support during the previous 2 weeks of absolute madness.

Many great things to come from this young man and FreeFall MMA in 2016!

–Coach Roberts

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